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A Programmer From Chillicothe, Ohio. He has been in the industry for over 10 years. Focuses on PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML, and Algorithmic Logic is also a hobby I have. In the last few years,

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First and foremost I want to tell you a little bit about myself. This is a long resume, history etc but I think it's pertinent to fill you in on who I am and what I do. I will flat rate items.

My best attribute is that only a daily basis I manage to not only get the job done, but in tough situations have the ability be very creative to get the job handled. I succeed where most programmers fail. I focus on keeping you current, while still channeling what it is you truly want from your Brand, and it's existence. I do not mind working with an established brand there's NOTHING wrong with a brand new venture, that I have to get in on the ground floor and raise to be the next big thing in it's Niche.

Ive been in the industry for 11.5 years. I was learning my first HTML pages as Tom from Myspace was introducing his services to the World. I've been with the Industry since before Wordpress was a mainstream framework. Back in the day when it was a wee little Blog with very little power. I watched Matt Mecham go from Yabb (yet another bulletin board), to Invision Board, to what is now the Invision Power Systems. I've watched Bulletin Boards became mainstream, seen em die and have seen social networks come and try and be facebook / myspace - live shortly, and die. In Jan '15 mobile search surpassed desktop searches by 20%.. This means, in time, your desktop site will become backseat/burner to your mobile versions and tablet versions.

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