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At Chrysalis Web Development we collaborate with our clients to create dynamic user experiences that help them better communicate and engage with their customers.

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My name is Eddie Olivas and I am passionate about helping business owners grow their businesses, attract more customers, and accomplish their goals. I enjoy showing my clients how to use the web to transform their ideas into ongoing success.

The reason I’m in this business is because I want to help people fulfill their dreams. Using a combination of technical web design skills and marketing/business savvy, my goal is to spread ideas and promote causes that make life better. I have found small business owners to be some of the most motivating and interesting people I’ve ever met. The good ones are out there everyday making things better for all of us. I want to help them do that and help spread the word about their good work.

What genuinely motivates me is seeing people enjoy the fruits of their hard work. For me there’s nothing better than seeing a client hit record sales numbers or get more leads than ever because of the work we’ve done together. I’m committed to making the web a better place by creating websites and online marketing strategies that make the world outside move and effect real, positive change. I absolutely love what I do and I put that energy into my work.

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