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Spinhead specializes in web design for the real world using the WordPress platform. We can arrange for your domain name and hosting as well. Our Interactive Quick Start Guide will help you plan the best website - whether you use our services or not.

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We've Been Doing This a Long Time

I've been in the computer industry for nearly 25 years, and in web design since 1996. Sue and I have experience with both hardware and software; homemade and off–the–shelf packages; small businesses and large corporations.

Even before the age of the web, we were helping small businesses get organized with database technology. I bring my database expertise to the web, allowing you access to information architecture skills normally found only in larger design houses. This allows us to provide a more technically advanced website for the small business entrepreneur, or, if your needs are less complex, to more efficiently create a simpler site.

We Understand Your Needs

As small business owners ourselves, we're familiar with the challenges you're facing. We're looking forward to learning how you do business so we can most effectively share our skills.

I've been a web designer for nearly 15 years. More important, though, I'm a small business owner and author of eight business books. I know what small businesses are facing today.

I'm uniquely qualified to offer guidance and advice about how your website represents your business. Supported by my wife (who's my business partner) we're experts at making sure you get not just a website, but the right website.

Browse our site to see who we are, what our specialties are, when you should start, where to see examples of our work, and why you should choose Spinhead Web Design.

Knowing how to build your website is easy but knowing what to build takes knowing why you're building it.

Why is how we do what we do.

Let us do it for you. Call or email to see how easy it is.

Get the Guide

Let us show you how we can help you get the best website possible, even if we don't build it. Sign up for the Interactive Quick Start Guide: Planning Your Website. This 17-point checklist will help ensure that you have all the information necessary to create an effective and

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