Portland, Oregon 97206 US Verified ✔ located in Portland, Oregon specializes in affordable high-end custom web design & development. We also provide multimedia development, Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO) and general marketing services. Check out our website for more info

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DoDynamic is a Web Design, SEO & SEM, Multimedia, and Dynamic Web Development company based in Portland, Oregon.

It was 1999, during the Dot-com bubble, when we realized that the Internet was becoming something powerful, something where people would not only use it to find information about topics you wouldn't find in a encyclopedia but something else, something that would change the lives of people all over the world.

Since then, developing flash based websites became our passion and little by little we began to immerse ourselves in the latest web trends, web usability and started to see the Internet as what it is today, a way to interact with people, businesses and organizations around the world 24/7 with endless possibilities.

DoDynamic became official in 2006 and has evolved with a different mindset. We specialize in affordable high-end custom web design & development services that help businesses generate and increase their revenue by using the power of the Internet.

Here at DoDynamic we eat, breath, sleep "Internet" and we're proud of it too. Creating fantastic looking websites that are properly optimized for search engines and produce the results that our clients want makes us keep doing what we do. That is why no matter how big or small a project may be we strive to exceed our clients expectation by providing the best type of web design & development service at the most affordable price.

As displayed in all our marketing, we believe that a custom website doesn't have to be expensive just because it's custom. Instead, we focus on creativity, usability, quality, personal 1-on-1 service and customer satisfaction.

At DoDynamic you will not be treated as "just another client" like larger web companies do, here you will be a part of our lives and our future... you will be part of DoDynamic.

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