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Custom Joomla websites and Logo design servicing Nashville. Southern Pride is a client focused full service web design and organic search engine placement specialist committed to providing our clients with quality, web & Logo designs!

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Southern Pride was formed by a Cyndee Poole, an artist, web designer and internet marketing professional. Cyndee has been designing web sites and conducting internet marketing services for clients globally since 2004. In 2008 she moved from Washington, DC to the North Atlanta area and quickly saw the need for an affordable alternative in the high priced SE US web design marketplace. Her years of working with marketing professionals and the many web contacts she has made enabled her to comprise a team of professionals to fill the much needed gap for affordable web development in the SE.
Southern Pride provides an affordable alternative for businesses in need of internet exposure as well as an aesthetically pleasing web presence. Our Creative Team services new businesses with custom logo, business cards and print material. We will design a custom web site and business persona that stands out from the crowd.
SPWD will custom build your websites functionality to your exact specifications. If you have a tight budget, no problem, we will use our extension collection to give you useful functionality at an affordable, low price.
We deliver results with a quick turn around time. Our entire web design team is focused on your business needs. We will assemble an inclusive web development strategy around your requirements and budget to accomplish your aspirations.
Southern Pride Web Design is a team of specialized professionals in Joomla, PHP, Payment Gateways, Graphic Design, and HTML.
Southern Pride is a full service web design team, we have the experience as well as the expertise to meet any of your new web design or redesign requirements. We only take on clean builds, if you would like a redesign of an existing, outdated site, we will be more than glad to guide you. We do not take on any projects repairs from other web designers.
Southern Pride Web Design is the affordable alternative! Call today 706.216.5559

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