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Affordable, professional, custom web design and hosting ideal for small business or e-commerce applications

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In 2006 we decided that we wanted to start a website to sell an all natural energy drink on the Internet. After doing some research, we signed up for a seminar for budding entrepreneurs such as ourselves. We listened to promises of instant wealth and riches and did not hesitate to attend a second meeting. It was at this session that we discovered that for a mere $2500.00 we could have everything we desired designed into our site. For only $75.00 a month we could have it hosted on the Internet, and future updates or added pages would cost only $150.00 per hour.. We decided we needed to take a new direction.
It was in late January of 2007 that the idea that would become NetDzyne first began to materialize. We enrolled in a course on website design and hosting. By April we had designed a completely functional, professional website on which to offer our natural energy drink. Although the world showed very little interest in our product, our website received a lot of attention. We were contacted by a local small business owner when the company that designed and hosted his site could not find the time, even at an outrageous hourly rate, to update the information on his website. We redesigned his entire site in less than a week and offered a few suggestions on marketing it. He was so impressed with our services that he soon became our first client.
Over the course of our journey we have learned first hand why website design has become the most complained about business on the Internet. High costs coupled with deception and poor service have left a bad taste for web design in the mouth of small business. On the day you begin your 10 day free trial you will become a treasured member of the NetDzyne family and will be treated as such. We will assist you with the design of your site, guide you through development as your business needs dictate, and teach you how to successfully market it. All of these services are included in the hosting fees and come at NO ADDED COST!

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