Easy Steps to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

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Ranking on Google is a gradual process. The efforts need to be put in a regular fashion without fail to eventually see the website rank better on this search engine giant. Here are a few easy steps to improve the ranking and get better visibility on Google.

  1. Create SE0-friendly ContentAdding fresh content to your website is the first and easiest step to improve your ranking on Google. The highlight of this step is not only to create new content but also to optimize it according to ethical search engine optimization practices. The key to create relevant content is, it should either answer a question, solve a problem, or update the audience with something that would interest them. The content should not have any grammatical errors and must include necessary keywords related to the topic. There is another important aspect to note and that is keyword stuffing. Too many keywords can prove to be a disadvantage, mainly because if they don’t make sense in the text or are vigorously stuffed.

Therefore, make sure to write what your audience wants to read, with good grammar, appropriate keywords and internal linking. If you keep on following this step, you will proceed towards achieving a better ranking for your website on Google.

  1. Google Business Listing (GMB)

This comes as the second step of all the easy steps that are being shared with you. Creating a Google Business Listing is free and easy- all you need to do is enter your details along with your website and verify your business (Google sends the verification). This will optimize your website for local searches, and it will start appearing when a search is made on Google locally.

Every person nowadays uses Google for answers to their questions. The searches that include “near me” phrase allow the local businesses to come up, and hence, if you have a Google business page, searches made with this phrase and your line of action would allow you a better ranking.

  1. Backlinks

Creating backlinks gives a fair chance to be crawled by Google quickly. This is because, when there are backlinks on your website, google gets a chance to index more pages. The more backlinks on your website, the better it will be for it to get ranked by Google. There are a number of ways to create backlinks which include submitting guest posts on websites related to your niche, building links with infographics, collaborating with social media influencers, etc.

In simple words, by building backlinks on your website, you are strengthening your chance of getting ranked by Google because you are certainly giving a major boost to their (Google) way of navigating on the internet.

  1. Website Speed

Google pays importance to websites that do not take ages to load! The reason is slower websites do not provide the best user experience, do not retain users and have a high bounce rate, and with Google being focused on providing its users with the best experience on the web, it only ranks those who meet this requirement. Website speed can be increased by optimizing images on the website, with the right size and format according to the type of image it is- like graphic design or a photo.

Another way by which you can add on to the website speed is by improving the server response time which is determined by factors like the web hosting on which your website is hosted, and others that affect the performance. Once you fix the problems that hinder the performance including improper and slow routing, lack of memory, and others, you will be able to improve upon your website speed.

  1. Social Media

 Social media plays an important role in enhancing SEO. It is one of the easiest yet important steps that must be taken by anyone who wants their website to rank higher on Google. With the help of relevant and quality content on social media, you can build quality backlinks that can give you an edge over websites who do have the same. This is because if you have quality backlinks that keep on increasing as time passes, you will have a higher authority, and Google will more likely be ranking you better!

SEO’s sole purpose is better ranking and better visibility amongst the users. Google will give importance to any website only if its users would like to browse through it; hence, social media is the best way to engage your prospective customers/clients and redirect them to your website to let Google know that your website is preferred.

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  1. Great article! It hits on the basics of SEO and with easy to implement strategies. All business owners should follow these steps as a minimum.


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