How to Reach your Customers Through Mobile Marketing

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In this increasingly busy world, mobile marketing is the greatest innovation that a business can make to their promotional strategy. More consumers than ever are conducting business on their phones. Some of them are even conducting business in other shops while they’re standing on a sales room floor.


As daily processes become more automated, and more demands are being placed on individuals, streamlining day-to-day activities through multitasking is becoming an increasingly common place practice. This means that consumers are grocery shopping while they are getting their haircut. It means parents are learning how to cook via YouTube at their kids’ soccer practice. It also means that consumers are more educated than ever before.

This education can be used to your advantage. The educated consumer is the confident consumer. All you have to do is present yourself as an authority and provide a quality products or services and you’re in.

So how does one present themselves as an authority through mobile marketing? Read on, dear friend.


Tip #1: Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website doesn’t just mean having flashy graphics. While visuals are extremely important in the marketing gambit, optimizing your website for mobile devices is very specific. Your website needs to be easy to navigate with your call to action buttons in the right places.

Studying a little bit of photography fundamentals and color psychology will help you know how to format the visual nuts and bolts of your website. However, the most important aspect to optimizing your website for mobile devices is to provide the prices of your best selling items in plain sight.


When a consumer is on a showroom floor, more often than not they are on their phone doing price comparisons. If your consumer is on your shop room floor and comparing prices to other companies, you want to be sure that your prices and your coupons stand out as the best deal. On the flipside, if your lead is on your competition’s shop room floor, you want to make sure that they can find you in Google search and find your prices within 90 seconds for optimal lead conversion.


Tip #2: Tightline Your Emails

The majority of emails that are read are read on commutes, lunch breaks, or in a free five-minute interval. Optimizing your email newsletter and your coupons for mobile phones is absolutely essential if you want your emails to actually be read.

Creating short and snappy titles is the first step to doing this. After this, using more images than words to communicate is best. Infographics, coupons and a simple call to action button at the bottom are the best way to get your consumers’ attention in an email. These give your consumers the most information and an option to click to your site for more information.

Quick, simple and easy.

If you are sending out a newsletter, the best way to do this is with large fonts and an image or two to break up the text. Treat your emails like a miniature blog post. Give your consumers all the information they need in a format that is easy to read. Once your content is created, the best way to send it out is using an automation software. This will free up your time in the business end so you can continue to optimize your mobile marketing strategies.


Tip #3: Social Media Interaction

Social media interaction is also paramount for your mobile marketing strategy. When a consumer likes a product or a brand, they do not typically check the website unless they intend to purchase or are pursuing deals. The way they stay up-to-date with the brand is through social media. Therefore brands need to have consistent social media interaction with their consumers.

Social media is something that people check on impulse. How many times have you mindlessly opened your phone and automatically clicked on the Facebook app? Before we even know it, we’re scrolling through our newsfeed.

A consistent social media presence takes advantage of this autopilot response. However, many consumers also go onto social media purposely to gain information, catch up with friends, or to just kill time. Being a brand which posts at the optimal times is the best way to engage your customers.

The second best way to engage your customers is to generate creative content. Creative content is content that you cultivate specifically to educate and advise your consumers on a topic in which you are in authority.

This creates an environment for your consumers to interact with your brand and one another on a topic that interests them. This mutual interest creates a dialogue between brand and consumer which not only results in more leads but shows consumers that the brand really cares. By establishing this presence on social media more than any other form of marketing, brands gain the mobile advantage.

Overall, mobile marketing is taking the Western world by storm. Engaging your consumers through these actionable tips will not only allow you to generate more leads, it will also strengthen your brand’s reputation as an authority.


By providing information in an easily digestible format, mobile marketing allows businesses the opportunity to sell their products through accessible education. Implementing simple photography and psychology fundamentals into your mobile marketing design will make information easily digestible for the consumer. And by posting your prices in a place that is easy to find on mobiles, you will be more likely to convert leads from competitors to your own brand simply because your information was easy to find.