6 Actionable Tips to Make Your Website Conversion-Friendly

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Every individual who opts for a website always wants the site to be truly engaging, visually pleasing, and out of the box. Apart from all these qualities, the business owners want the website to attract a fine number of visitors on the site and let them make a purchase on their website, place leads, and sign-up or subscribe to your website in order to augment the conversion rate and achieve the business goals. When we made a survey, we found out that Intlum Technology is creating such iconic websites that carry forward a business legacy and engagement alongside.

All these indicate one solid fact – your website should be more than design and development! In order to take your business beyond the aesthetics and functionality, you need a website designer who can actually hand you a conversion-friendly website.

However, we are also mentioning a few points which are of the essence if you want to come up with a site worth bookmarking.

Usability is a Must

A website without the navigational and browsing ease will never be able to make any visitor stay and open up! The majority of the online businesses with million dollars of value never hamper the usability; they make things easy for their visitors on the website. If Amazon makes the whole shopping journey a fun, Search Engine Journal turns the news consumption into an enjoyment!

These extremely successful websites have one thing in common – their prime focus lies on usability. Thus, you need to hire such a web design and development company that not only prioritizes the design and development but also keeps the user experience in mind during the website development project.

Competitor Analysis

You may think that your idea is unique but you should never forget that millions of individuals are working day and night to prosper in your own business domain. So, there is a fair chance that an idea similar to yours is already present on the internet! If you have the awareness of your competitors, the best plan would be analyzing and studying their websites, fortes, flaws, presence, usability, conception, and other details. All these call for extensive research on your end.

Lack of study and research before going for a website design and development project is a lethal mistake you need to avoid since it can devastate your business presence on the internet. That’s also one of the reasons why you should hire the proficient and knowledgeable website designers to get the job done for you with ease.

Consider the Search Engines

Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are three of the largest sources of traffic on the internet and that is the very reason why you should never keep them out of your project’s purview. Only a smartly optimized website will show up on the result for the relevant searches. Thus, the search engine optimization aspect needs to be thought about even before the design and development part begins. Unless you rank on the search engines, nobody is likely to know about it regardless of how awesomely you have developed your website.

In order to make your website search engine friendly, make sure that you are doing the competitor analysis, keyword research, image optimization, meta tags, header tags, and much more need to be considered in advance. Most of the designers do not consider the SEO aspects since they fall out of their concern and they are always willing to make the website visually accepted.

Online Branding

If you take the instance of MailChimp, you would not see any uniqueness in their services as they provide the email marketing service. But the brand has become a brand just because of the branding creativity! Confused? When MailChimp first came in the market, it caught people’s attention by the graphic of a chimp carrying the mail! The imaginal connection made the branding immensely effective and fruitful for the company and they have only prospered. An impactful first impression always works and it has worked for many other businesses. For example, the simplicity of Tumblr has always been impactful and effective to the audience for a second-time visit.

Thus, when you consider your online branding in order to make the first impression impactful, your website’s total number of repeat visitors increase incredibly! If you have a unique idea in your mind, share it with your web design partner in order to get it developed wrapped with an aesthetic branding.

Focus on Conversion

The end goal of every website on the internet is the conversion. You need to make an honest and smart effort for boosting your conversion rate. While designing the website, make sure you are not forgetting about the conversion. Different websites have different natures of conversion. While a blogging site’s preferable conversion can be more shares and visitor base, an eCommerce site focuses on the purchase as the conversion, some service-based companies, on the other hand, may consider the inquiries as a viable conversion.

What we mean to say is conversion is one of the most important aspects of any business online and offline. If you fail to convert more, you are going to lose your business. So, consider the conversion rate from the very beginning of your website and design your website (along with every graphic and text) focused on a good conversion rate.

Scientific Testing Process

When it comes to a fine website, it always matters how functional it is. You need to understand one simple fact that not everything that looks good is actually good. The functionality would play the ultimate role to let your site reach the heart of your clients. In order to make sure that your website’s functionalities are at par, you need to have a scientific testing process on your website for detecting the flaws and improve them. An effective testing process will certainly eliminate insignificant fields and labeling flaws. Since the testing process is proved to be one of the most vital aspects of a website that converts, you need to contact a website designing company who has a viable testing section in-house.

These are the six aspects to make your website totally engaging, attractive, and conversion-friendly. Now, you need to make sure that you are implementing these factors on your site and letting it convert more traffic than you can even imagine!

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