10 Ways To Market Your Business On Social Media

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Social Media Marketing

10 Ways To Market Your Business On Social Media

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and on social media,
it is also worth a thousand likes. Popular pictures are crucial for small companies struggling to increase publicity.

To generate interest in your business, make sure to:

Photograph your Parties

The next time you have a company party or other recreational event, rent a photo booth.
Most booths allow your employees and guests to upload their party pictures directly to social media,
instantly associating your company with fun, friendship, and warmth.

Design Diligently

If you don’t already have a corporate logo, design one now or hire someone to design it for you. Having a logo makes it easier to instill an image of your company in the public mind.

Whenever people they think of the logo, they’ll think of you.
The most memorable logos are simple but unique, standing out without creating confusion.

Insert Key Images

Once you have a logo, subtly incorporate it into company photos.

Consider having it printed on t-shirts and sweaters, which your employees can wear for photos.

When people see these pictures, they will think of your company without realizing that it is being promoted.

Navigate the Networks

Once you’ve established a social media presence, engage with the companies you encounter. Comment on their photos, links to their pages, and share useful information with them.

By establishing a good relationship with other companies, even your competitors, you’ll be able to benefit from their publicity just as they benefit from yours.

Keep up with social media

Focus on Fun

Each picture you post should tell a story. Funny images and fascinating facts will make your company popular and interesting in the public eye. Simply photographing your office, on the other hand, won’t do you any good.

…But Stay on Subject

While pictures should be funny or interesting, they must always relate to what your company does.

Interesting but irrelevant pictures will not only fail to improve sales, but they may be counterproductive if they distract customers from your products and services.

fun photos help people relate to your brand

Embed Efficiently

Besides posting photos on their own, embed them in articles on your website. This will break up long articles, make your company’s content more interesting, and further, relate the pictures to your products or services.

Keep Up with Comments

Company photos aren’t just for show. If followers ask questions in the comment section, make sure to answer them as soon as possible. The more you engage with your followers, the more people will want to follow you.

Consider Contests

Many companies use contests to increase customer interest. Contests are particularly effective if you post pictures of the prizes ahead of time,
as well as photos of the successful customers after it’s over.

The Virtues of Videos

Once you’ve succeeded with still pictures, post moving ones as well.

Videos can go viral on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, instantly attracting thousands of customers.

You can include songs and speeches in your videos, thus creating more positive associations with your company.