Four Tips for Writing Great Website Content

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Great Website Content Helps Convert Visitors into Customers

In addition to a robust design, fast speeds and smooth navigation, one of the secrets to getting users to stay on your business website longer and convert into customers is by providing great content. Since writing for a business website is different from other types of writing, here are four tips to help you create content that will appeal to your visitors, encourage them to stay on your site longer and entice them to buy your products and services.

Great content builds traffic.

Put the Most Important Information First

People do not read websites.  They scan them looking for relevant words that will help them solve their problem quickly and easily.  To ensure that your website achieves this, put the most important information at the top of each page.  Show the good stuff right off the bat instead of leading up to it.  

If you sell desks, put a picture and a brief description of a desk at the top of the page and put the size, colors and other details at the bottom of the page.  

This inverted pyramid method of writing keeps visitors from plowing through irrelevant information and becoming frustrated.   Happier users will stay on your site longer.


Make Every Page an Entry Page

In a perfect world, visitors would only enter your website through the homepage, where you could introduce them to who you are, what you have to offer and why you are better than the competition. The reality is that people enter your site through all sorts of pages, so it is important that you include on each page the vital information that helps visitors make buying decisions.

This means your company name, a brief company description, contact information, search window and call to action.


Keep it Simple

Long text passages frustrate website users. People just do not have the attention span to plow through long paragraphs of information.  In fact, according to recent studies, the average consumer has an eight-second attention span, shorter than that of a goldfish.  

So when a user comes to your site, you have to grab his focus quickly. Do this by keeping text simple and to the point, making paragraphs short and avoiding jargon or unfamiliar words. 

Writing Great Website Content

Use the Second Person Point of View

According to some studies, people spend 60% of the time thinking and talking about themselves.  You can take advantage of this self-interest by talking directly to your visitors.  This is done through the use of the second-person point of view or using the word “you.”

For example, instead of writing “We have all kinds of web site solutions,” write, “You will love our new social media targeted website solutions because….”

This personal way of writing draws your visitors in and makes them feel good. It will also make them want to spend more time on your website

Writing great website content does not come easily, but by putting the most important information first, making every page an entry page, keeping your writing simple and using the second person point of view, you will keep readers engaged and on your website longer.  

The more time they spend on the site, the greater the chance they will convert into new business.  Need help putting your website together, you can hire a Florida web designer to help.

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