Top 5 Social Media Technology Trends That Are Crucial for Building Effective Strategies

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Social media technology is something which is highly misinterpreted even by experts. However, for any business which is trying to leverage social media to reach to their prospective customers and reap results, it is essential to know what is good and bad about their social media strategies and how to fine tune it. Implementing the most appropriate social media tools and making necessary changes in the approach from time to time can have a very serious impact on your business performance online.

Further, in this article, we will explore five such technology trends which may have a significant impact on your business, which may be misinterpreted and needed to be cautioned about.

Google is going to change radically

One thing experts say from time to time is that Google may undergo a radical transformation regarding how its search engine algorithms gather data from websites and how it delivers results to the users. While developing a social media strategy, it is important to consider what Google does from time to time. In fact, the primary objective of Google in case of any refinement of its search engine algorithm is to try and deliver only the best results to its users by looking for the greatest content of authority.

So, even though making spammy links from websites may still work, it is not advisable to do so that Google may penalize it highly now. You need to be strong on both SEO and social to perform better on Google, Bing, and other leading search engines.

Mobile gets hotter

It is impossible to ignore the fact that more potential consumers are getting on to mobile devices as their primary mode of internet access. But, still, most of the companies don’t have a mobile site. It makes no sense if your upcoming strategies are not mobile oriented. More than about 50% of all the traffic any random website gets now is on mobile devices. To tackle this, you need to do two things as:

  • Make a responsive site: This means you need to make website content and layout, which should automatically adjust to the screen resolution of the device it gets opened in. This is called responsive design.
  • Mobile site – If responsiveness is not immediately possible, then you can think of a temporary alternative as by making a simpler mobile version of your traditional website to be opened from mobile devices.

Lean startup may be the norm

The technology community is always keen on the trends. Someone latest trend of the times in many industries is the ‘Lean Startup.’  With this, there is no need for someone to spend months or years in building a product to come out with perfection. With the lean approach, they build it, release it, get feedback and then rebuild.

So, many people think that this lean startup is an ideal concept for developers too. It is great as they develop more functionally based on the feedback and there is a scope of betterment as you develop based on user feedback.

The concept is, of course, great when it comes to product streamlining in many industries. But, experts say that when it comes to IT development, it may not be so good. Imagine what happens when you release a product with full of bugs and incompetent features. Such an immature approach to social media technology will obviously be turned down by the users at the very first point itself without giving you a second chance for a comeback.

More social networks and your target audience gets spread

Essential social media tools are so essential when you manage your social media accounts. There is more number of social networks now and the users a spreading across many of these. But, for a typical business social media promoter, it is too much time to consume and also confusing to work on each platform.

However, ideal social media management approach is to build content based on your content assets and then effectively distribute those to the most relevant platforms. Each social media site has its relevant format. So, the marketers need to spend time in picking the most appropriate tools which work the best for your target audience and engage them. Identifying the most relevant platforms based on the nature of your business and then writing down a strategy for it may be ideal than blindly beating around the bush.

Lot of acquisitions

Social media is changing at the speed of lightning. It is said now that the CIO regarding technology companies need to be the Chief Innovation Officer, and not typically the Chief Information Officer.

Acquisition too is happening day in and day out, and we can expect more of this kind in the coming year too. You have seen how SalesForce bought the Buddy Media for a fair $689 million and virtue taken over by Oracle for $300 million.

The reflections of all these are there on social media too, which you need to keep a close eye on. Developing a social media strategy is more of an innovative and futuristic process now, and those who successfully do it can surely succeed in their online promotional efforts.

Author Bio: Maria Jones is a well-known author who used to write about technology topics and digital marketing tips. Apart from, her articles are there on many other leading third-party technology blogs too.