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Happy New Year! We are launching our new blog for 2017. Blog posts will be features on the home page of the website and be the center of our new social media marketing campaign. We are looking for guest bloggers and freelancers to help provide and promote content that will appeal to our audience.

We are looking for well written and interesting posts between 200 and 800 words on web design related subjects including:

  • Ways that┬ásmall businesses can use their website to increase business.
  • Ways small businesses can benefit from enhancing their website.
  • Web design tutorials, tips and tricks.
  • How to articles for freelance web designers.


The style we are looking for:

  1. Personalized content, tell a story, show personality and how it relates to you.
  2. Write about specific subjects. We do not want generic filler copy or general info. (Good: “A website I use often added this cool new feature…” Bad:”Websites should have contact forms”)
  3. Use current examples or references, cite real world instances that illustrate your points or suggestions. (eg: “Sprint used this campaign effectively to increase subscribers:”)
  4. Write about something specific, a narrow topic or subsection, not generalized subjects. (eg “Tricks for getting more re-tweets!”, not “You should be on Twitter”)

All posts must be unique and can not appear anywhere else. All submissions will be reviewed and may not use your posts if it does not meet our quality guidelines.

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