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This Web Design Directory is a national database of 16,394 web designers. Click on a state below to find a web designer in your area. Listings for designers are free. If you design web sites click here to get listed. Looking for pricing information? Try out the web design cost calculator.

You can also find web developers and programmers by skill, such as Wordpress, AJAX , PHP , CSS and HTML5.

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Each listing in the directory has a short description of the services offered. We recommend you visit the website associated with the listing. You should have a written description of your project to supply to the potential designer and we recommend you contact at least two or more people or firms for estimates.

Designers usually offer HTML and graphics services and create visually focused web pages. The difference between a designer and a developer is that a developer usually has more back-end programming skills and a designer is more focused on the look and feel.

Web Design Jobs

Website Jobs
Website Private Academy $7,500 - $9,999 Southern Califor, CA
We need a complete renovation and branding done We will need to have documents applications able to be uploaded We need to have website operat
Posted 01/25/2015
Website for Insurance Agency $2500 - $4999 Any , Any
New website Independent local Insurance Agency Closes: 01/28/15
Posted 01/24/2015
Scraper dati statistici by alegal1 Any, Any
Realization of a scraper of statistics of a Website. detailed information messages will be given separately. (Budget: €30-€250 EUR, Jobs: Linux, PHP,
Posted 01/25/2015
Adjust image and paragraphing by raredaredevil Any, Any
Im looking for someone to do some minor css work like adjusting image on the website and some paragraphing. Wont take more than 10 minutes. Will accep
Posted 01/25/2015
Build an Online Store by Vessing Any, Any
This project involves creating the framework for a website which can store user information and process online orders. The website should store user
Posted 01/25/2015
Complete Ruby on Rails website redesign. Short li Any, Any
This project needs saved. The initial development team lost their only Ruby On Rails programmer. Were looking for someone to complete a mostly finis
Posted 01/25/2015
Hi, I am looking to get a job website built within the next two months. PHP based with complete back end CMS. I would also consider offers with OFF T
Posted 01/25/2015
Magento quick fixes by Morpain Any, Any
i have two easy fixes for my online boutique site, One i cant print invoices on my backend it gives me a error code, also i just want a international
Posted 01/25/2015
Website Private Academy $7,500 - $9,999 Southern Califor, CA
We need a complete renovation and branding done We will need to have documents applications able to be uploaded We need to have website operat
Posted 01/25/2015
I need some Graphic Design by cwt55 Any, Any
I have a website I need main picture for it, I want it to be a brand a identity I need a very professional picture of a iguana with marijuana (Budget:
Posted 01/25/2015
Build a Website by RPNP Any, Any
Build a website+template for an IT management company based on wordpress: Must include a page with a explanation of each service and some custom cl
Posted 01/25/2015
change all content in this field.................. Any, Any
see image am make it ................................................................................................................... (Budget: min
Posted 01/25/2015
Stock photo/video/audio web application developmen Any, Any
Hello, we are a web design, development and marketing company with over 8 years of experience. We are looking for a talented PHP/MySQL developer to h
Posted 01/25/2015
Online Mobile Phone and Accessories Ecommerce $100 Charlotte, NC
Online Mobile Phone and Accessories Ecommerce deleted is in the process of becoming a online cell phone shop Need a complete ecommerce website wit
Posted 01/23/2015
Elementary School Logo Design $250 - $499 New York, NY
Elementary School Logo Design Elementary school located in deleted NY needs a complete logo design created Closes: 02/06/15
Posted 01/23/2015
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Interview: Joe Jensen Web Designer

WDD webmaster W. E. Warren interviewed Joe Jensen from SmartNet Solutions in New york, New York on November 7, 2012. Joe discusses what lead him to web design and what he sees in the future.

What`s your favorite development language and why?

CSS3 & HTML5. I'm amazed at what these two have brought to the table, or rather; the div (developer joke...)

Read the entire Interview with Joe Jensen

Thanks to Joe Jensen from SmartNet Solutions.

Since 1998, SmartNet has been increasing the standards of web design. With every custom design being created by scratch and approved by you, the client. At SmartNet, our web designers do ONLY fully custom graphic development; no templates, no shortcuts.

Web Design

Website design is the process of architecture, design, and execution of electronic media content in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for consumption in a web browser (Such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox) as a user interface.

In addition to common markup languages such as HTML and XHTML there are also style specific objects referred to as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is used to position and manipulate web page elements and objects and can be integrated separate from the markup code (HTML).

The purpose of web design is to develop a web site (a collection of files that live on a web server) and present content and features to visitors via web pages. Elements such as text, digitized images (JPEG, PNG, GIF), and interactive forms can be served on a page using markup tags. Displaying complex media such as vector graphics, animation, video and audio often requires a plug-in such as QuickTime, Flash, Java run-time, etc. Plug-ins may be embedded in pages using HTML tags.

There are also scripting languages such as JavaScript which allow the pages to perform data manipulation based on user input, or variables set within the page. JavaScript (JS) allows string variables and Document Objects (eg. page elements) to change dynamically within the users browser. These operations and calculations happen client-side (eg in the users browser) and not on the web server before the page is delivered. As opposed to server-side languages such as PHP. Scripting languages are one way to make a page dynamic or interactive.

Typically web pages are classified as static or dynamic. Static pages don't change content with each request unless someone like a webmaster manually updates the file.

Interactive pages adapt their content based on the user's interaction. Page elements can be changed on the client side (end-user's computer) by using client-side scripting languages (JavaScript, Actionscript, etc.) to alter DOM elements. Dynamic content is often compiled on the server utilizing server-side scripting languages (JSP, Perl, Coldfusion, ASP, PHP, Ruby, etc.).

Web 2.0 describes web pages that use a combination of these client side and server side programming languages to update content in the user interface, usually without refreshing the page. This is most commonly delivered using AJAX (Asynchornous JavaScript and XML) where the JavaScript will take a user action and send that data to the server for processing via XML, then receive a response from the server and use JavaScript again to update the user interface (web page).

With the rapid propagation of the World Wide Web, tens of thousands of web design companies have been established worldwide to serve the business community. See W3C standards for more specific information on the accepted standards and best practices.

Newest Listings
HavaWebsites.com Logo HavaWebsites.com
American Falls, Idaho 83211 US

Custom websites without the custom price. I'm your friendly local website designer, here to help you bring your website design ideas to life - let's create something together!...
Contact HavaWebsites.com

Seowebmount Technology Logo Seowebmount Technology
Noida, Delhi 110096 IN

we provides all types digital marketing services in india...
Contact Seowebmount Technology

Northern Colorado Web Design Logo Northern Colorado Web Design
Greeley, Colorado 80631 US

We are an affordable, and professional web and graphic design company based in Evans, CO. We service all of Northern Colorado, Contact us today for amazing pricing!...
Contact Northern Colorado Web Design

The Digital Rascals Logo The Digital Rascals
Findlay, Ohio 45840 US

The Digital Rascals provide exceptionally beautiful websites at an affordable price. We also offer various graphic design services, SEO, and business development....
Contact The Digital Rascals

Imagemark, LLC Logo Imagemark, LLC
Wilton, Connecticut 06897 US

We customize and build with commercial themes that are highly configurable. We can get more results in less time at lower cost using the right theme for a client....
Contact Imagemark, LLC

Onestop Webshop Logo Onestop Webshop
Norwich, NR1 1RB GB

At Onestop Webshop we specialise in web design and development, eCommerce web shops, Search Engine Optimisation and PPC advertising. Onestop Webshop, the complete digital solution for your web desi...
Contact Onestop Webshop

Rise of the Web Logo Rise of the Web
Bothell, Washington 98012 US

Local website design, website development, and SEO company serving and building websites for: Bothell, Bellevue, Everett, Seattle Website Design, Puget Sound, Washington State, and all of the USA....
Contact Rise of the Web

Site-Pro Media Services Logo Site-Pro Media Services
Chino, California 91708 US

We help you build a strong online presence for your business by creating a professional website which best suits your needs and target audience. We make sure that visitors are able to find you using a...
Contact Site-Pro Media Services

Bradyzign Logo Bradyzign
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 US

Bradyzign is a high quality design service helping clients increase sales by improving their visual appearance....
Contact Bradyzign

Clerisy Solution Logo Clerisy Solution
Beverly Hills, California 90211 US

Clerisy Solutions is a top web design, web development, software development, IT consultancy services, SEO and Internet marketing company. 50 N. La Cienega Boulevard Suite 200 Beverly Hills, CA 9021...
Contact Clerisy Solution

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